7 Clothing Techniques To Boost Confidence

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Learn How To Dress Slimmer And Boost Confidence

(if you want to skip the mumbo-jumbo stuff and just get straight to the point, skip to section tip #1)

First and foremost, this article is strictly intended to help boost confidence, self-esteem, and self-image by utilizing the clothes we wear to our fullest advantage. But please don’t ever try to alter your appearance for the desire or convenience of someone else. Wear who YOU want to be.

Every women out there should be feeling this way everyday: amazing, sexy, confident, marvelous, brilliant, bold, strong, beautiful, queen, fierce, ambitious, gorgeous, and more.

But we all have our bad days, for example, cancelling plans last minute due to lack of self-confidence. How many times have you cancelled a date or going out with friends because you didn’t feel good about your appearance that day? I have, lots of times, and the reasons for it have varied from feeling overly bloated to worrying about how others will perceive me. But after thinking about it, a lot of the reason came down to not knowing how to properly react when I was feeling that way. For instance, if I have a pimple on my face, I cover it up with makeup techniques, just like most people, right? So I thought if I feel bloated one day, why not cover it up with clothing techniques? 


Technique #1: Utilize Shapewear/Body Compressors

The most important thing you can do is invest in shapewear.

The point of shapewear is to achieve a smaller waist and help burn fat cells, or at least give the appearance of such. With a smaller waist line, women’s other bodily features become more naturally enhanced—such as, hips, breast, and buttock.

Shapewear is one of the hottest trends of 2018, but shapewear has actually been around for thousands of years, since 1100 BC.

So why so popular right now? Probably mostly due to celebrity influencers… For example, to name a few, Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj are known to wear various shapewear and compression products and attribute it to their small waist and emphasized hips, buttocks, and breast.

So does shapewear actually work? Yes, I believe so. If it didn’t work, then why would something invented before 1100 BC still be around thousands of years later in 2018?

Shapewear will not work magic but it will definitely shave several inches off your waistline, at least temporarily. Also, some shapewear products are designed to increase stomach sweating which helps burn fat cells. So not only does shapewear help give the appearance of a smaller waist but it can actually help burn fat. That alone is enough for me to use it.


Technique #2:  Wear Dark Colors

This isn’t a new technique by any means, but a lot of people don’t take advantage of it. Wear black or navy blue. But if you have to have some color, be colorful with your jewelry, nail polish, handbag, and other accessories. Or wear a colorful coat/jacket but make sure it’s a waist line jacket, and not a long baggy jacket. Wearing black is scientifically proven to make you appear smaller. I’m not qualified to explain the exact science but from my research the part of the brain responsible for our visual system fires off neurons that confuses us on making accurate judgements on the sizes of shapes.


Technique #3: Be Monochrome

This technique kind of goes hand-in-hand with the last technique but its not the same thing. Monochrome means to wear outfit pieces that are all the same color. For instance, olive green shirt, olive green jacket, olive green pants, etc. Or nude color tank top, nude color cardigan, nude color pants, etc. I don’t know how this sort of combination works but I swear if you do it right, it gives a much slimmer appearance and it looks awesome!


Technique #4:  Patterns

Patterns on clothes affect our visual systems the same way as they do with black clothes. They make us appear smaller. So try wearing tops or bottoms with patterns such as: plaid, checkered, houndstooth, lines, etc. But this won’t work as well with graphic patterns, like, little birds printed all over a shirt or rose buds just won’t work as well as the other patterns. Just make sure the pattern has some sort of symmetry to it and you’re in the clear.


Technique #5:  Loosey Goosey

Wear a loose top and tighter fitted pants. But don’t go too loose with the top and opt for high-waisted pants if you can.


Technique #6:  Body-Hugging Clothes

Don’t do it! I advise you don’t wear skin tight clothes unless you are 100% confident with it. But you can still wear tight clothes—just make sure the material is thicker, preferably a darker color and incorporate more layers into the outfit. For example, you can get away with tight fitted jeans because the material of jeans is much thicker than compared to leggings. Leggings are naturally going to show more geographical terrain, like lumps and bumps. Have you ever seen anyone have camel-toe in a pair of jeans? Probably not, lol. Also, you can wear a tighter fitted shirt but try pairing it with a blazer or tie a long sleeve shirt around your waist. I’m just saying don’t wear thin skin tight clothes.


Technique #7:  Consultation

Consult with a friend before leaving the house. It only take a minute to ask one of your BFF’s how you look. FaceTime them, Snapchat them, text them, etc. You might be thinking, “what if they are just being nice?”, well that’s the point! They’re your friend and they’re going to tell you look great no matter what and that adds extra confidence for you!

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